Null White

The End of Null White

It is with great regret that I must announce the ceasing of Null White. It has been part of my life in different forms since 1999, and there comes a time when you look at what you are doing and where you are going and realising it was not what you wanted or had in mind for the project.

Music for me was never about the money, or the fame, but merely the act of writing great music. I always wrote for myself and never took into account what other people might think. Over the past few years something changed when it became a professional project. It stopped being what I wanted it to be and I could no longer create great ideas and see them form into a great track. The crux of the matter was, was that it was no longer enjoyable. I no longer felt inspired, and started creating music for other people and forgot the defining principle that had been set forth from the outset.

Early 2013 saw me attempt to start a new album, I was frustrated by my lack of ideas and coherence which many artists endure and plough through. Real life issues began to take precedence and I took a hiatus for a while. I hoped that returning from the hiatus would put a fresh perspective on the album I was writing. Suffice to say it did not and nothing would inspire me at all and I was churning out lacklustre ideas without the ability or talent to really get to grips of where I wanted to go. It caused major anger and frustration and took its toll on me. I wanted to create something special and inspiring, but what I was creating was something generic and unsatisfying.

I had been having doubts about my music since the release of the Birth, there were many things I wanted to do apart from this that I new would give me more enjoyment and satisfaction. This continued for some time until recently when and I made the decision that it was time to let go, to put Null White into a box and bury it. Move on and leave the 15 year teenage legacy behind and do something I wanted to do. I have watched and know of many musicians and bands that soldier on and fight through the barrier only to be no further forward with what they wanted to do. I do not want to be in that position, we are put on this earth to learn and evolve, if we do not evolve or learn then we are merely existing and going through the motions. When your heart and soul goes out of an idea then there really isn't much point in continuing.

I achieved what I wanted to do, The Birth was an album that took many years and many song revisions to create and I got it out there, I played some gigs and sold some albums. The Birth was my legacy as so to speak.

At this point I wish to thank everyone we were involved in, the promoters who gave me a chance, the blogs that reviewed me, the DJs that played my music, and most of all the fans that liked what I did and supported me.

Now I move on, Null White will not return and our future planned gig appearances have been cancelled. I will still continue to write and compose and may return in some guise in the future.....

The download link below gives you our entire recent catalogue of tracks as well as some unreleased material. Yours for free for you to enjoy as a way of thanks.


Lee B.

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